Retreat | Denver Hotel and Resort Photographer

This past year was spent on the road quite a bit but we were able to see a ton and make many memories. Once again Buffalo Media Group was asked to cover another new Great Wolf Lodge location, this time it was Chicago. So this was a brand new hotel built by Great Wold Lodge so it has many of the new attractions. Thanks so much GWL for choosing Buffalo Media Group as your Chicago hotel photographer!

Poolside | Atlanta Hotel and Resort Photographer

Earlier this summer Buffalo Media Group headed down to Atlanta, Georgia to cover commercial advertising photography for Great Wolf Lodge. This was our second trip down there to this location this year since it has been on-going all year getting up and running. We have a quick but successful shoot and look forward to many more adventures with our friends over at Great Wolf Lodge.

Garden | Colorado Hospitality Photographer

This past week Buffalo Media Group was in Colorado Springs, CO for the annual Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association’s convention. This year the convention was held at The Broadmoor Hotel. So we were over there for my birthday and went for a morning hike at Seven Falls which was conveniently located just a few short miles away from the hotel. Also, after checking out and heading up to Denver, we were able to take a drive through the Garden of the Gods. Love Colorado!

Retreat | Colorado Springs Resort Photographer

Buffalo Media Group headed out to Colorado Springs, CO for the annual Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Associations’s conference. This year The Broadmoor played host to numerous ranch owners and vendors. The Broadmoor is an experience all itself. We were set us as vendors in the main ballroom and were able to network with many new clients of ours! We of course met many other new and potential clients and are looking forward to the adventure ahead! Thank you all so much for stopping by our booth and saying hello! We look forward to servicing many of you guys here in the coming year! Thanks so much for choosing Buffalo Media Group as your Colorado ranch photographer!

Proud | Colorado Luxury Ranch Photographer


Buffalo Media Group is a proud member of the Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association. We have been a member before but we are on board for another great year of promoting our business. We cannot wait to see what this new season brings…we are feeling confident that it’s going to nothing less than spectacular! Buffalo Media Group is a multi-media company specializing in professional ranch photography, professional videography, and aerial drone footage and photography.

Atmosphere | Best Colorado Resort Photographer

This past week Buffalo Media Group headed up to Grand View Lodge to be the very first to photograph the new facilities located on property. This is a big deal at a big time resort and we are humbled to be selected as their primary professional resort photographer. Grand View Lodge has been a longtime client of Buffalo Media Group for years now and we are so thrilled to see where we are going with one of our very favorite clients. This is the first part in what is going to be an ongoing operation throughout the year. Of course once Elsa unfreezes Minnesota then we can finally get to see what the outdoor pool and grounds look like. Thanks so much Grand View Lodge for choosing Buffalo Media Group as your Minnesota commercial construction photographer! We look forward to many more years of continued success, growth, and friendship!

Northwoods | Minnesota Resort and Lodge Photographer

This past weekend Buffalo Media Group made the trek all the way up the Gunflint Trail out of Grand Marais, Minnesota to shoot at the historic Gunflint Lodge. This place is so secluded but yet offers so much. From dogsledding to ice fishing to fat-tire biking and cross-country skiing, there is never a shortage of things to do. The weather was frigid and mostly in the sub-zero’s for the whole shoot. Thankfully we had a roaring fire going all day in our cabin for a warm up here and there. Thanks Gunflint Lodge for choosing Buffalo Media Group as your Minnesota resort photographer!

Rose | Dude and Guest Ranch Photographer

This past week Buffalo Media Group headed down to Tucson, Arizona to one of our favorite resorts for the 93rd annual Dude Ranchers Association Convention. The event was spread over 5 days and held at Tanque Verde Ranch. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and meet many new ones. We feel very fortunate to have made so many new friendships and possible future clients. Thank you all for stopping by our booth and we will see you all next year. Some of you we will see in Colorado in a month at the Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association’s convention in Colorado Springs. Buffalo Media Group is a commercial photography and video production company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A huge thank you to Colleen, Rita, David, and Don and many of the other board members for being so welcoming!

Bewildered | Best Arizona Ranch Photographer

This past weekend Buffalo Media Group attended a convention in Tucson, Arizona where we made plans to meet up with some new partners of ours, Under Canvas. We heard they were setting up camp at one of our favorite ranches Tanque Verde Ranch. We were fortunate enough to block out some extra time to shoot their tents at their new location in the Sonoran Desert right in Suguaro National Park. Thanks so much Under Canvas, we are thrilled to have teamed up with you all! Look forward to more shoots and adventures with you all!

Saddle | Best US Resort and Ranch Photographer

This year we took it upon ourselves to create a marketing poster for the 93rd annual Dude Ranchers Convention that will take place in Tucson, Arizona this year. We are thrilled because the convention will take place at Tanque Verde Ranch which is one of our favorite clients. We of course love the southwest and the weather down there has to be better than the frozen north of Minnesota!


Horizon | Lake of the Woods Photographer

Here’s the next installment and continuation of the previous blog of Buffalo Media Group’s trip up to River Bend’s Resort in Baudette, Minnesota. We were tapped with covering ice fishing and amenities associated with the resort. We covered a ton of ground in two short days but what we got was nothing short of amazing! Thanks Paul and Brandi, we cannot thank you enough for placing your trust in Buffalo Media Group

New | Lake Of The Woods Resort Photographer

The new year started off with an amazing experience for Buffalo Media Group. Buffalo Media Group was invited up to River Bend’s Resort on Lake of the Woods in Baudette, Minnesota for a commercial shoot. Buffalo Media Group has covered many border resorts on the US/Canadian border but this one was certainly unique. Ice fishing for walleye is the name of the game and it’s a way of life for resort owners and guests alike. We caught a break in the weather and ended up shooting in the mid-30’s which is considered a heat wave this time of year. Certainly made shooting photo and video a lot more comfortable. We definitely lucked out with capturing some epic sunrises and sunsets while shooting for River Bend’s Resort….just spectacular! Thanks so much for choosing Buffalo Media Group as your Minnesota resort photographer, we are so thankful to have met and worked with you guys and look forward to many more great adventure together in the year to come!

Cacao | San Ignacio Resort Photographer

The chocolate making class was one of our favorite experiences to capture and join in on. One of our favorite parts was being led around the farm by Elon who proved to be an extremely knowledgable resource when it came to farming and of course cacao production. It was very interesting to see where so many fruits and spices actually come from like cinnamon, vanilla, allspice, bananas, and dragonfruit to name a few. Many thanks to our guests Copal Tree Lodge for the amazing hospitality and experience, truly a world-class resort!

Spirits | Best Resort Photographer Belize

While on our commercial shoot in Belize for Copal Tree Lodge we covered the mixology and coffee cupping classes which were presented very nicely and left us very informed. Of course we started the day with the coffee cupping class in the morning then in the evening we photographed the cocktail mixology class. The rum-based drinks were concocted with rum from their resident distillery right on the property. It was so cool to see the 12 ft. high sugar cane growing all around in the fields which of course is used to make the rum. This was truly an amazing time and definitely a ton of fun!

Balance | Copal Tree Lodge Photographer

Inspired by beauty and biodiversity, Copal Tree Lodge takes guests on a journey that offers the best in genuine hospitality. We absolutely loved everything about this trip and really pushed ourselves to find deeper meaning in the imagery we were shooting to be better storytellers. This environment was certainly conducive to awesome photography, I guess half the battle is getting there and the business art that it takes to land such a spectacular resort. The rest took care of itself. Thanks so much Copal Tree Lodge, we look forward to the next adventure!

Cabana | Belize Advertising Photographer

One of the highlights of our trip after working all day was to take a break and jump into the pool right outside our room. Seeing as it was nearly 90 and very humid everyday, the pool was perfectly nice and cool. Of course the showers in the rooms aren’t too shabby either! We hope you can enjoy this experience vicariously through the photos below!

Ancient | Belize Eco Tourism Photographer

This installment of this post is on the day trip we took to Lubaantún to see the Mayan ruins dating back to 800-900 A.D. This was truly astonishing and this is also a place that was reported to have unearthed one of the crystal skulls. The legend of the crystal skull suggests that in 1922 it was found in Lubaantun by Anna Guillon Hedges, the daughter of explorer, Mitchell Hedges. This is certainly a trip that you will for sure want to sign up for while visiting Copal Tree Lodge!

Sanctuary | Belize Commercial Resort Photographer

Deep in the caribbean jungles of Belize you will find this one of a kind luxury resort nestled on a mountaintop in the very southern part of Belize. Copal Tree Lodge is more than a resort, it’s an experience and one that will linger on and resonate into my soul. I have been completely moved from this shoot and have opened up a new door to the way I think, see, and shoot. I am so thankful to been given this extraordinary opportunity and gave it my all. Aside from resort photography, we also covered resort videography as well! We hope you enjoy this body of work…I know we did!

Lost | Belize Luxury Resort Photography

Here is another installment of our recent commercial photography shoot in Belize. We are still pinching ourselves that we were able to shoot for such an awesome resort. Copal Tree Lodge is registered as one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, pretty prestigious group for sure. Thanks again for choosing Buffalo Media Group as your commercial photography studio!

Jungle | Belize Resort Photographer

This past week Buffalo Media Group traveled abroad to shoot resort photography for Copal Tree Lodge in Punta Gorda, Belize. What an amazing, inspiring trip to the most southern part of Belize right next to the Guatemalan border in the heart of the Mayan agricultural community. We photographed all the amazing experiences and ambiance one could fins upon making the trek to Copal Tree Lodge. Thanks so very much for choosing Graddy Photography as your Belize resort photographer and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to showcase our talents!