Destiny | Wyoming Ranch Photographer

This project was a much anticipated one and my re-introduction as a fine art landscape photographer if you will.  I traveled out to West Yellowstone, Montana and spent four full days in Yellowstone National Park. I have spent many years running a photography studio covering over 500 weddings, hundreds of family shoots, and a plethora of commercial gigs, short-term and long.  At the root of all my work has always been a strong sense of composition and natural beauty, both which are so graciously given to us daily by mother nature.  My first passion in photography was nature and wildlife and wanted that to be my career after college.  I soon found out that I also needed to earn a living so I began designing websites and making a career as a professional photographer.  Unfortunately, very few can actually say their primary income is from fine art sales.  Through the years our body of work has gained a much broader sense of composition, consistent use of contrast and color, and overall ambiance and integrity of each scene photographed.  In this, I have found it to be a very fulfilling part of my career and portfolio.  Now fast forward 14 years after my first year in business and I am stronger than ever both personally and professionally.  With a renewed sense of accomplishment and success in the hospitality industry, we are able to fully utilize our skills and our many talents to the fullest.  We feel that is what makes us the studio we are, hard-working, passionate, and always striving to do better.  We hope you like this series and we look forward to our next National Park adventure!