Surf | Duluth Luxury Resort Photographer

Buffalo Media Group made it to the spectacular north shore of Minnesota this past week. We were welcomed with some of the very nicest weather and blue skies we have had yet this spring. Buffalo Media Group is very proud to announce Surfside on Lake Superior as one of our newest clients. We have had a longtime obsession, as I’m sure many native Midwesterner’s do, with the north shore of Minnesota. The sights and smells of the north shore are as rich as the culture that makes it up. The northern shores of Minnesota are some of the most scenic in the nation and are situated along a couple hundred miles of the shores of Lake Superior. It has been quite the honor shooting for the well respected Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. We are so excited to have Surfside on Lake Superior as a new client of Buffalo Media Group and we look forward to many more adventures!